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I-Solution (HAKI no: IDM000171152)

i-Solution is the one and only teaching that applies the concept of comprehensive learning by utilizing multimedia so that students perform skillfully in solving the tests and understand the concept very well.

i-Solution is built in order to provide a solution for the students in understanding school subjects and attempt to optimize the way and the result of students’ education to prepare for UAS, UAN and UMPTN.

Speed Mandarin

Speed Mandarin with the multimedia learning concept offers one interesting and fast Mandarin learning program.


The advantages of i-Solution method are as the followings:

  • It has been recommended by the World Bank that cooperated with P2dtk (Accelerated Program of Development for Underdeveloped and Special Regions).
  • Learning concept of explores the students’ multisensory system.
  • Enriched with animation, sound system as well as interactive activities that stimulate brain development. Children will be directed in order to be able to concentrate more and strengthen the understanding of what they learn
  • A combination between the education and entertainment through the cinematic concept and use the digital projector (cinema edutainment) that designed specifically to attract interest and attention of children and strengthen their perception because of activated multisensory system up around 5 to 25 times faster compare to the conventional system in general.

Life Skill Concept

Digital Presentation

Program and study to hone skills of teachers and students in order to present the result of work in deepening the subjects, practicum or the field study and the others in digital form.

Animation  Master

Program and study to improve the knowledge and skills of IT in line with the digital era that will be entered by the students of animation.

Fun Teaching

The fun instructional program and process where teachers and students develop the material and learning process in the fun way by utilizing interactive software.


The learning program for students to compile the chronology of events digitally that will home the students’ skills in administration.


The construction and establishment of young generations in developing culture local wisdom through interesting and interactive program and study that involves teachers and students actively in the creation of local contents (mulok).

Character Building Animation

(Cooperation with Lemhanas – The Deputy of National Values Stabilization)

The material of developing and forming the character of young generation through the study from animation films that show the formation of young generation character to care for environment, other people, health and others.

Nasionalism / Patriotism

The study to build the nationalism of students by utilizing software that can be built by students.

Positive Mindset

Character building of young generation that will always think positively and never give up in reaching the great ideals.


Materi Pengayaan


School Management Concept

School Website

Software that will display the profile and condition of the associated school freely thus can be easily monitored by the interested parties.

Teachers Profiles

Software that will display the profiles and data of school teachers that will be kept in digital format.

Students Profiles

Software for the profiles and data of the students in one school thus making the interest parties to acquire the students’ data quickly and accurately.

E – Tryout

A process of further study through exercises and try out (E-TRYOUT) to the ability of students interactively where the results and explanations/discussion can be found out interactively and soon through online or offline methods.

Knowledge of IT, Usage of Secured Website and Cloud Computing

The study utilizes the technology of information and benefitted from website facility, that is secured and include the Edu Voucher.

Region Government Care for the Education of Young Generation