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Online Recruitment of Indonesian National Army (TNI) Visit Website

Jokowi – JK (Presidential Candidates for 2014) Visit Website

Family of Polri (KBPPP) Visit Website

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (Presidential Candidate for 2009) Visit Website

National department of Defense (Lemhanas Social Network & Animation of National Character Building)

Ahmad Ruslan (Candidate member of DPR (DKI Jakarta)) Visit Website

Federation of Education Trade Union of Indonesia (KSPKSI) Visit Website

Smart Children of Indonesia National Army (TNI)  Visit Website 

Kostrad Cilodong Educational Home

Directorates of Army Law Visit Website

E-MIKAL: Borneo Information Magazine Visit Website

Edy Mafuddin (Candidate member of DPRD (Banten)) Visit Website

Traffic Corps (KORLANTAS POLRI) * In the middle of process